Web Design & Development

Bespoke to your business needs

IT Technical Support

From simple virus scanning, to migrating large enterprises.

Managed Hosting

Hire us to manage your website for you.

Managed Website

Have us manage your website for you.


Making Automation easy

We’ve all been there, you have an Excel document open with thousands of rows, and you simply dread the task of sorting them all out. Or perhaps, you’ve got a reconciliation Excel sheet that needs to be duplicated every month. We can help you automate these task with one simple button.

Excel Automation that is flexible and durable.

We can help you automate a number of business tasks which gives you more time to do core business activities – Just another TrevoTech Service.

Automate Excel Sheets quickly

We can help you when it comes to automating Excel documentation using VB.NET and macros. Instead of doing tasks manually, when we are done creating your bespoke automation you will only need to click a singular button. 

Copyrighted & Protected

Our automations are bespoke to your business and are replicated across other businesses. We truly are creating a bespoke automation for your business and only your business. Giving you peace of mind that the money you have spent is worthwhile. 

Innovative security

Your company security is important to us, that is why we have SC cleared IT professionals who are trusted members of society doing all of the automations for you. Giving you peace of mind that the documentation we are automating is safe and not going anywhere outside of your business.

Excel Automations

Automate all of the tasks that take up time.

Automate all of your tasks with TrevoTech, we can help automate your entire business with a digital workforce powered by the latest AI systems. Giving you more time to focus your attention on core business activities. 

Bespoke to your business, and only your business.

Pricing convention bespoke the task you want done.

Centralized Management

Need something changed in the future? no worries, we got you covered. With our plans of automation, you can request alterations for an additional small fee yearly.

Fair prices

Only pay for what is done and nothing more.

Bespoke to your business

Its your business, you own the copyright to the automation we create.

Security in mind

All our engineers are SC cleared and vetted before being employed.

Automate anything

Excel Sheets, Excel Sheets, computer macros or bespoke software design. We got you covered.

Bespoke coded convention automations

Split the cost.

We offer our customers a way to split the cost over 3 months. This gives you peace of mind that you will not need to pay upfront. Just another way TrevoTech is helping.