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Overview Of The Service

 The implementation of a website when it is given to you should be designed perfectly and in accordance with your direct specifications. That means all the elements function as intended, and you are getting what you paid for. 

Here at TrevoTech we provide you with a premium subscription to Elegant Theme Divi Web builder, this means you can create alternations for yourself with no code needed however, this content management system does indeed have some limitations if you do not know what you are doing (don’t worry, our hosting plans backup all website automatically on a weekly basis just in case you do break it by mistake). This might not only be the reason why you opt for a managed website, others simply do not have the time, or they wish to focus on core business activities – whatever the reason we got you covered.

If you prefer our expert web designers to maintain your website for you, this means we take care of every element of your website, from security, patches, updates and if you need any additional webpages added or removed. This means your website will always be accurate no matter the time of day.





Great, you want this optional add-on, what’s the process?

Contact us to arrange your package.

Unlike some other large corporate companies, we do not charge you massive fees on how much you’ll be paying for us. In today’s climate we want to help as many businesses as we can. 

To get started with this service, simply contact us, and explain you are interested in this service. Once we have established your bespoke requirements on what sort of things you wish for us to do, you’ll be placed into a pay bracket – which is charged on a monthly basis.

You want a webpage added to your existing website.

Great! we can help you add an additional page to your website. First, you’ll need to provide us with some simple information on what the purpose of the webpage is for, and what you might want it to look like. Once you’ve done that, please email us on 

Is it time critical?

Dependent on your email, sometimes businesses need things done as soon as possible, this could be in the case of restaurants or pubs where things are commonly time critical however, typically we take around 1 week to implement the change you wish. If this involves more than 1 webpage or alteration on the website we manage for you, it might be longer than this. 


Once we’ve implemented what we believe you want, we will send you a confirmation email explaining we have finished the alterations, and we’ll ask you to review it before we publish it. If you are happy with it, your alterations will be live the same day we get confirmation from you.

And we're done!

Once reviewed, and you are happy with the alteration, we will then publish our changes which will show to your customer-base. It’s really as easy as that.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I make more than one alteration?

Of course you can! once you are signed up to our package you’ll be able to make as many alterations on your website as you wish. Simply email us on and we’ll implement it as soon as we can!


Can this be included in a web package if we get our website designed with you?

Yes! and the good news is, we offer discounts if the website has been made by us for any additional extra! so, if you pay for an enterprise website package, and add on the manage website package you can expect to pay 15% less than those choosing to add it on a website we do not host!


Okay, it sounds great, how much we talking here?

Well, that would depend on what sort of functional requirements you need. However, to not leave you completely in the dark, you can expect to pay at least £100 per month, with it increasing to £300 per month. In a very small case of our customers it may be below the minimum fee of £100.


Do you offer any referral programs?

Yes! for every successful referral for those that choose one of our website packages, we’ll give you both £35 in cash.

Get Started Today

It is really as simple as that, we’ll take care of every element on your website for a small monthly fee. Saving you time to do what is important to your business. Get in touch with us today!

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